Preview The Future Audi Models

Fashion Zone Report: Despite the distance of Europe to the next major international auto show - there are half a year the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Audi is coming through the network previewed several models to be introduced, tempt the appetite of fans. These models include the A3 Series models and is the next generation of buzz R8 GT convertible.

The next generation will come out in 2012 will include a variety of body forms of A3, the preview diagram shows the three-door hatchback and four-door sedan version is expected to A3 series will also include a five-door hatchback and convertible versions . The new A3 four-door sedan has a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show as appearance, but this model was undoubtedly the most popular areas of China and the U.S. market.

Some media said, A3 four-door sedan version of the long 2630 mm wheelbase, longer than the three-door hatchback version of 35 mm. In addition to a series of next-generation A3 petrol and diesel options, but also expected to join the hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric version even for customers to choose.

R8 GT convertible version of the R8 GT Spyder will be unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show. And R8 GT hardtop version of models, the convertible version will also have a matt titanium grille, carbon fiber spoiler, rear wing and air diffuser, full LED headlamps will also be used as a standard configuration.

5.2-liter V10 engine a maximum power of 560 hp and maximum torque of 540 cattle • m ,0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, top speed 311km / h. By management, the convertible version is expected to price much higher than the hardtop version of a length.

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