Cartier d'Art Watch

For the love of art style of the watch for people who wear watches the moment, time seems to have no longer a hero, only those magnificent to be a vital process, through the effect on Cartier's master craftsman that dexterous hands, as one song after another beautiful and moving poem was created out of the ordinary.

Cartier said, have to say that it is naturally produced many of the watch is like a dream to those used in animals, this year Cartier Cartier d'Art Series launched six new high for the watch, once again wild animals, lifelike charm and its combination of superb tabulation process, reflecting the tradition of Cartier dare to break through, beyond the time limits of courage and determination. At the same time, Cartier also elegant integration of technology into the traditional art of the contemporary world - hollow sculpture, gold Crochet enamel, precious stones inlaid mosaic patterns, overlapping layers of enamel, Janet fine wood inlay work, which rare even technical process has been forgotten in the efforts of Cartier again demonstrated in front of the world.

Apart from precious stones to create a mosaic pattern, the original Cartier enamel to very good at this process is also being used in new products, in this picture of the polar bear on the dial decorated, the designer uses semi-transparent The hollow enamel manufacturing process, so that renewed the ancient art of enamel charm. This process should be put to the great patience of painstaking research, continue to explore the secrets, with superb technique, after numerous attempts to finally succeed. Production process with translucent enamel dial hollow, as colorful as stained glass windows, the faint light through the half-dark of the enamel layer, the pattern in the color of sky and clouds appear bright and clear anywhere, sparkling with silver embellishment from the little stars. Then in turn observe the white polar bear in the back, head and foot of the ice, the arrangement of the color gradient pattern of ups and downs to give the level of feeling, to produce a unique lighting effect.

The dial is made until the last moment, watchmakers still attentively, because little errors can lead to naught, such as enamel coating is too thick, the baking time is too long, or too much external pressure, etc., a masterpiece the birth of more of these processes depends on the master or the superb skills and accumulated rich experience in watchmaking.

Cartier polar bear patterned dial decorated with sophisticated technology:

1. To bear in front of translucent enamel hollow of the hollow-shaped pattern dial.

2. Watchmakers carefully selected raw materials out of the enamel, and will be the crushed agate mortar.

3. Tray full bloom, the enamel is carefully selected raw materials are crushed into powder, they will be used to dial the painting production.

4. Designers have been made to add a translucent hollow silver enamel dial decorated with stars in the night sky to create the Arctic clouds effect.

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