Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Subsidiary Seconds Watch

Fashion Zone Report: Oval-shaped rose gold case set with 62 diamonds, self-winding movement GP 03300-0044 assembly, mother of pearl dial with white, black or white gold case and another mother of pearl dial styles to choose from

Keywords: 50's style, female form, anniversary, look first, China's market watch
Sound effects: a lullaby

Product Style: retro, re-engraved version of the classic history
Main Series: GP1966, Vintage1945, Cat's Eye
New Quantity: 10 or so (including different colors)
Editors watch: Cat's Eye mini three-pin watch

Review: 2011 Girard Perregaux for the year is important, first because last year the death of president, the second anniversary of the brand ushered in 220. Purely from a product perspective, Girard Perregaux watch can count items, but the third-Perregaux marketing to the watch in the domestic market was less competitive products on the same level, there is nothing new from the conference site and will be drowsy foreseeable short term is difficult to reverse this situation.

The theme of this year Perregaux tribute to the traditional, two engraved from the Art Deco style in 1945, men and women form the watch, two engraved in 1966, Golden Bridge Tourbillon three three-pin enamel watch and small watchs, and most representative of the "cat eye" female form. Appearance are all fashion, but the lack of some passion.

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