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Watches Review Center Report: IWC Schaffhausen is a founder of the American pioneering spirit. From 1868, this Swiss watchmaker watchmaking has been leading the development of extremely sophisticated and constantly create new standards for watch industry. IWC is known as "high-end watches engineers," said the senior complex to watch known. Classic style with clever design, elegant and sophisticated, the operation is extremely simple, this is the famous IWC.

Inscribed on the dial "IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland", but this world-famous Swiss watch factory select the tab away from the center of a rural town in the Rhine River plant. This comes from the U.S. watchmakers Florentine Ariosto Jones, with its pioneering spirit, lofty ambitions and keen business reach, in 1868 in Schaffhausen entrepreneurship, the establishment of the nations watch company, the local became the cradle of watchmaking innovation and precision. In a place not far from the Rhine Falls, this new watch factory in the use of water to modernize production.

Jones, founder of the pioneering spirit, passion, vision, laid the IWC factory cultural roots. Engineers on the IWC, the watch itself is more fascinating than the precise time, they like the idea of bold innovation, precision and innovative efforts to study design, therefore, more than 140 years, IWC for the watch industry has made tremendous contribution. IWC original including the Grande Complication watch series, Da Vinci watch series, and the Portuguese watch series, etc., in the professional field of watchmaking technology, the innovation process Schaffhausen, so watch enthusiasts do not like stop talking.

IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland is not only experts in the traditional precision watchmaking, but also the first to use high-tech materials. IWC is the first titanium metal used in watch industry watch factory, and the resulting technology developed by the internal production of the case.

Since its establishment, IWC training in the tabulation process never slack off, to ensure that the tabulation process from generation to generation. Schaffhausen plant's 400 employees and over 100 employees in the world believe that the traditional culture of precision watchmaking industry experts have access to watch the appreciation. "Probus Scafusia" represents the IWC Schaffhausen extraordinary technology and craftsmanship, the clock will continue to carry forward a long tradition, generation to generation.

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