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Watches Review Center Report: "People have sorrow, moon also wanes", where the circle is the lack of means "moonphase." Watch the moon phase function is printed on the moon through the dial and blue sky of the moon phase and moon phase window panel, showing the moon change process.

On the moon phase function, "watch fans" there are two distinct opposing points of view, practical school that this is a function of the least practical significance; and appreciation of camp believes that the moon phase is the most romantic time of the most poetic expression. So, which camp do you belong?

Legend of the mysterious moonphase of the universe

Stars and the time since the dawn of history human beings, whom they indulged in the two phenomena of the universe. Full calendar moon phase watch, just study the profound ties between the astronomical and timing of a large concrete achievements, when the mechanical clock appeared in the early 14th century, when, as a direct reflection of the astronomical calendar, moon phases are also measured over time shown. By the 16th century, the emergence of the watch shows that moon phases can observe it at any time. Since then, the watch and the combination of moon phases and began a course of 500 years.

Legend of the Chinese elements moonphase

In about AD 130, Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han made a "water celestial globe", you can watch as the moon phases before the invention of the display. To the moon wanes to measure and record the time of sacrifice, the basis of farming and the festival, China's "lunar" or "Lunar" is resulting, and moon phase watchs adjusted according to Chinese lunar calendar time.

Moonphase legendary deep homesickness

Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's "raise my eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home," Du Fu's "white dew from the night, on a home that", of Song Dynasty's "Green River south spring, when the moon as I have," such as poems, are eternal farewell. Look at the new moon, Crescent month, waxing, full moon, waning moon, moon on the dial again and again, is clearly a nostalgic totem.

Legend of the special adjustment phase of the moon

Moon phase operation takes about 29.5 days one week, so watch design phase of the moon gear 59 are used to show from 0 to 29.5 months old ways, about every 33 months will have a day of errors, it must be re-adjusted after three years school for a while. Lunar moon phase adjustment to be checked, preferably in the Lunar fifth, when the moon is in the middle, the least impact on accuracy.

Wrist moon hole mode display
Some watch the moon phase window is only a round hole pattern with the moon phase of the moon disc in the hole in the passing of time, will reflect the status of the moon phase at different times. There is also a display mode different phases of the moon is directly displayed on the dial on the situation, with a pointer to indicate the current moon phases.
Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch the 6 o'clock position of the small disc with a lunar month cycle, the pointer maps directly to one of the moon phase graphics.
Chopard LUC Lunar One watches, 6 pm for the second hand and the moon phase disc, since the moon phase disc operating at the scale of the seconds ring, named for the "ring phase of the moon."

Daniel Romanov's Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, a small hole shows moon waxed and waned, plain and simple.

Wrist moon window fan

Watch the most common moon phases shown by the moon phase dial on the fan-shaped windows and plate movement with moon phase on the embodied. Printed on the full moon phase plate and blue sky. When it daily rotation, the moon arc by fan-shaped window on the different perspectives of the shelter, and to show the moon changes.
Blancpain watch, 1983, Blancpain successfully created both the world's smallest moon, month, date and week display of the automatic movement. In 2003, Blancpain launched the 20th anniversary of the moon phase watch list.
Amy's Lune Retrograde, dial dramatic design, returned to the calendar with retrograde day of the moon phase changes, showing the endless mysteries of time.
Glashütte PanoMaticLunar, eccentric dial design, the bottom right of the top of the large calendar and moon phase display layout is simple and ingenious, people have a "not seen in ancient times on people today, who this month according to the ancients," the endless reverie.
Girard-Perregaux's Cats Eye Retro (female wristwatch), in the black mother of pearl dial, moon phases window to the night sky like a dark blue background coupled with the moon and stars pattern, little diamonds in the dial especially against the background moving.
Jun Wong's Mariner Réveil, black and white design of the dial at one go, full of modern and masculine, and only a trace of the moon phase disc quietly revealed chivalrous tenderness.

Wrist full moon phase of the moon hemispheres
For a long time, watch the moon phases shows that most of the Northern Hemisphere see the moon change. But in recent years, many brand launched to reflect the phase of the moon watch the southern hemisphere.
In 2003, IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch introduced as complementary to each other on the southern hemisphere month phase image shows the Northern Hemisphere, so the IWC adopted a display window with two circular disk, the dial displays the top half of the moon seen in the Northern Hemisphere , while the lower half shows the Southern Hemisphere over the moon phases.
Parmigiani watch female models, using the dial on the bright stars of diamond-like decoration, deep expanse of the universe to send Italian sky. Diamond in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively, constellations, each diamond are brilliant cuts, the use of the blue sky against the background of the dial wonders, and with the northern and southern hemispheres of the moon phase display is the finishing touch.
Jaeger-LeCoultre's Master Grand Réveil watch skillfully using two-way pointer mode on the same hemispheres shown.

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