Panerai Hold Time and Space Exhibition, Pay Tribute to Galileo

Latest Watches News Report: To show the world once again showed its extraordinary fine watchmaking tradition and history, and in recognition of Galileo's achievements in science and technology, the Italian watchmaker Panerai senior brand back to its birthplace in Florence, held a " time and space: to pay tribute to Galileo, "the exhibition. Exhibition of modern art center located in the local Ex3, extended to September 27 to October 2. In this exhibition, the Panerai first watches from classic and modern, the selection of the most representative and professional instrument watch as exhibits, including three of Galileo by the memory of the first Panerai four hundred anniversary of the astronomical discoveries made with the astronomy-related exhibits have become a focus of the exhibition.

Exhibition is divided into three Sections. In the first exhibition of historical theme, selected from the Panerai museum exhibits, mainly on how the brand Panerai watch from a workshop in Florence, Italy, the development of the preferred supplier of the Royal Navy, and provide sophisticated professional equipment. The second area is the brand since 1997, after the acquisition by the Richemont Group's success in the international market.

Panerai, held in Florence, the birthplace of a brand called "time and space: to pay tribute to Galileo," the exhibition, the exhibition of local contemporary art center located in Ex3
The exhibition will be staged in May 2011 to be held in Shanghai, China, will run for two weeks. By then, the Chinese watch lovers will have the chance to be comparable with these three works of art designed to commemorate a special edition of Galileo products ─ ─ L'Astronomo watch, Lo Scienziato Panerai watch and instrument for the distance of Jupiter contact, the whole point of the perfect appreciation of its operation, to experience the Italian design and Swiss watchmaking skills the highest level of integration.

P3000 hand winding movement, hours, minutes, small seconds display, manual chain 3 days power reserve, 160 components, 21 stone, diameter 16 ½ fractionation, 5.3 mm thick, 2 barrel, the vibration frequency of 3 Hz, Incabloc ® shock mounted

Panerai P.3000 is entirely up to the watch factory located in Neuchâtel design, development and production of new self-movement. While this manual winding movement embodies the ultimate Panerai watchmaking craftsmanship, performance, stability, accuracy and long terms were exceptional power reserve. P.3000 movement thickness of 5.3 mm, diameter 16 ½ fractionation, is installed in the tradition of Panerai replica of that year the size of the movement is made. Not difficult to find people who are familiar with watches and clocks, this movement has, and 3 / 4 plywood similar to the structure of the movement: a follow-Gai with most of the mechanical parts of the large folder bridge, the bridge near a small clip, clip to a thickness of the full bridge screws on the base plate to form especially strong structure. The movement of 21 stone using two barrel, this design is conducive to a longer and more child-friendly winding the spring, its benefits are more even strength, operating time longer, the movement has a 3-day and therefore power reserve. The size of the balance wheel movement is relatively large (13.2 mm), is a variable-inertia type (variable inertia), ring around the outside of the circle with four adjustment screws for easy removal of the calibration set of frequencies without parts. Balance care by a point with two folders bridge support, this design a single folder cantilever bridge over more security and stability. The vibration frequency of 3 Hz, which is 21,600 times per hour swing. Balance wheel with Incabloc ® shock device used in non-card sprung (free-sprung) the design, without using the lever.

Panerai Jupiter Instrument

P.3000 Another feature of the movement, is owned by the grinding process and folders to angle the bridge ("to angle" refers to the angular position polished smooth), and has a fast adjustment time devices: including the adjustment with twelve point star wheel system and a small spring clutch, the device without affecting the minute hand the activities and operation of the watch to adjust the magnitude of each one-hour clock.

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