IWC Engineer Launched Special Edition Watch Adventure Ecology

Watches Review Center Report: Numerous challenges facing our planet the occasion, the world really needs, like environmental adventurer David de Rothschild as well as such IWC Schaffhausen such enterprises, their positive contribution to environmental protection work, is based on the firm conviction. IWC is supporting the Plastiki Ross Mitchell adventure activities and the organization he founded Adventure Ecology . To commemorate this significant relationship, IWC Engineer series will launch an expedition to withstand the test of the special edition watch: automatic watch Earth engineer tasks "Adventure Ecology" Special Edition.

Engineers watch "Adventure Ecology" Special Edition: stainless steel / Limited 1000 

The spring of 2010, founder of Adventure Ecology and environmental organizations who David de Rothschild, together with its crew aboard a special, unique, 60 feet long, made of plastic bottles, srPET and recycling waste plastic raft made boat, sailing about 10,000 nautical miles across the Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney. Christie called the Plastiki base ship No. , inspiration from Thor Heyerdahl in 1947, Kang Tiji (The Kon-Tiki) adventure.

Ross Thatcher and the organization he founded to focus on eco-adventures on the planet's environmental hot spots. The organization's first task is to draw the world's attention and inspire individuals, communities and the industry's actions reflect daily on the Earth, the implementation of more sensible and sustainable way of life. IWC Schaffhausen IWC support organization Adventure Ecology is about to set sail trip Plastiki key partners. Ross Mitchell said: "The IWC and IWC Schaffhausen partnership of adventure is important to ecological organizations. IWC Schaffhausen first in the industry to explore issues of climate protection. Since then efforts to improve the environment effective, IWC  has been certified as carbon neutral enterprises. This commitment is commendable perseverance, while the risk of ecological organizations for support by IWC adventure Plastiki am very excited. "

In this extraordinary journey, No.Plastiki will pass through several vulnerable and threatened areas of the environment. This bold adventure was to stimulate the Earth to encourage people to make more active and responsible behavior. "Ross Mitchell hopes Plastiki trip, make the world pay attention to how we rush to waste disposal, and the oceans on the Earth and the devastating effects. As a cherished environment, the company, IWC Roth Chelsea pride, but also because he was in our support, with its adventure show the consequences of modern lifestyles, and promote innovative ways we have to solve today's ecological problems. "IWC Schaffhausen , Joe Adams, said Chief Executive Officer .

In order to Adventure Ecology's latest adventure to pay tribute, IWC has just launched a new fine watch, automatic watch planet named engineer tasks "Adventure Ecology" Special Edition. In other words, by virtue of its proven quality, making it the first ever received IWC Ias the watch can withstand the test of an expedition. In the four months Plastiki journey, While this limited edition watch will be accompanied by Ross Mitchell and the team crossed the Pacific Ocean. The adventurers may be able to withstand, both ice sheets in Alaska, or the Amazon rainforest is also, or the African desert, watch can withstand. In addition, the structure of the solid and rigorous testing, but also override other IWC style. After more than 30 watch extreme testing to ensure its durability than standard.

These tests include: the temperature of -20 degrees Celsius and +70 degrees, up to 95% humidity environment and the climate temperature of the situation mutation testing. Case, strap and gaskets put in the rich water erosion, salt and chlorine, the corrosion tests carried out for a long time. IWC adopted a unique testing procedures, the number of impact test, including by the severe impact and shock in a few days to accept a row. Multiple water tests, each costing watch can withstand the pressure of finished products up to 12 atmospheric pressure. Conducted within the shell of soft iron magnetic field testing, the shell can be as high as 80,000 amperes per meter is extremely well-protection movement within the magnetic field.

The new automatic watch Earth engineer tasks "Adventure Ecology" special edition in Schaffhausen to create carbon-neutral manner, and the longevity of its design to ensure that watch is a particularly durable watch. R & D and new larger and more robust stainless steel case for carrying the highest quality standards of precision manufacturing of automatic devices. Specifically, it is the IWC homemade 80110-based movement, with Buhler Dayton and built-in shock absorber device on the chain. With double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, screwed case back and screw-down crown protect the new wing designed to make it strong enough to withstand the impact of various types all over the world, even in the journey to wear the adventurer wrist. Special Edition watches and many more unique and important features: a blue dial and orange label, as well as detailed case back engraved adventure eco-labels are so watch Ross Mitchell in Plastiki task, as unique symbol. The task is to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection in order to implement this purpose, IWC is also seeking new packaging methods, including this special edition watch box smaller to comply with environmental principles.

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