Classical Heritage, Roamer Released Stingrays Watch

Latest Watches News Report:Workplace from the beginning in 1888 in Switzerland, the Swiss Roamer watch to the reputation of its accurate and reliable transmission of a century legend. Swiss Roamer watch as a new series, stingray automatic watches the same time, its precise measurements and full of contemporary soft lines, demonstrating the extraordinary bearing.

Stingray Automatic watches use the sophisticated parts to determine its long-term reliability, and there is equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement, in strict accordance with the Swiss tradition of elaborate process to facilitate the precise arrangements for your business activities in a minute.

PVD vacuum ion plating round case perfect detail, wrist arc of the case more closely, smooth steel bezel with gold lines, showing a noble and vibrant personal charm, the atmosphere in the strict stand out . Sapphire crystal mirror easy to wear, no matter what environment are calmly.

Black dial seal the top of the watch a hundred years the Roamer brand of "ROAMER", is the corresponding dial below STINGRAY, prominently identified with the new century under the famous Stingray series. Hours of sword-shaped needle and perfect for time-scale, lightly across the dial when the time also knew it flowing. 3-bit weeks and calendar window displays, while also inadvertently suggest the flow over the years.

Solid under the watch the same series, all steel sheet body, Xijinqianhua, showing the inherent European classical charm.
Under the same series white dial watch, noble and elegant, unhurried show tolerance.

Century classic, the new show. Stingray shaped by a series of unique and elegant of style, so you put it down I, but is the manifestation of identity and taste. Precise characteristics of the Swiss Roamer watch also performed exhaustive in the Stingray series, against the clock to help you grasp the business opportunities, so highly respected consumer. From a global perspective, this watch most of the watch in Rome, swatch sales charts on the market within the forefront of what is intended.

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