Basel Watch Fair 2010, Roamer Watch New Products

Latest Watches News Report: Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland Hailed as "the luxury of Oscar", is the world's watch industry event. In the Watch & Clock Fair, the watch industry gathering together the major brands, have flashed their brilliant new products. As part of this event, ROAMER demonstrate the technology to high-end consumers around the world, features new season strong, but also to the world that can be expected this year is absolutely wonderful year!

For a hundred years of Swiss watch brand ROAMER for what they have to beat from the field of mechanical watchmaking, and later through the study of innovation, innovation in the field of high-end products, ROAMER once again into a new level, so that the brand culture and also has a deeper meaning improvement.

Unlike the past, the traditional design style, the new Rome, Switzerland, focusing on watch more versatile technology, material selection no doubt, in the image, not only committed to exceptional increases and new products exhibited by very modern style sense.

Trekk Master
Rome watch the money is for the versatility of a rare watch, the core technology is based on the body on both sides of the watch button to adjust the various functions, features include a barometer, compass, thermometer, dual time, alarm, timer, instructions, and so use the weather, water depth of 50 meters. This watch has always been completely broken through ROAMER traditional design, but also has the function of both time, whether it is very suiwatch for business travel or the outdoors.

Ceramic Silicon (temporary name)
As the name implies, "Ceramic Silicon" is a watch that contains the altar in today's hot ceramic and silicon the two materials. Watch design simplicity, the main colors to black and white, together with the rose gold or stainless steel color, appearance, strongly prominent. Outer ceramic as the main material, together with rose gold or stainless steel. Silicon strap with materials close to feel more comforwatch to wear.

Male models in the series to go watch is both dynamic and elegant lines, timing plus weeks, calendar display, dial removed from beautiful stretch, small functions, respectively, have different instructions, so that the wearer inadvertently reveals genteel extraordinary tolerance.
Women wristwatch brokethe Roamer watchmore than a century of black tradition, introduced the holy white, white dial with rose gold bracelet, fashion, fine, elegant and the watch is also amplified.



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