Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph Launched in Beijing

Watches Review Center Report: October 22, 2010, the Swiss watch TAG Heuer Vanguard MANSION in Beijing held a Carrera Calibre1887 public press conference. Carrera 1887 chronograph is the first-ever use of TAG Heuer's first home-made swing movement of the watch gear, start time is less than a fraction of seconds.

Switzerland produced, the new high-quality attained the Good movement

In the town of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de Fonds Nuxia Te exclusive new plant, Calibre 1887 has a fully sealed dust-free conditions for semi-automatic production lines. Each movement is individually tested by sophisticated software to track, through strict quality control testing of 116 layers. The 1887 Carrera chronograph movement, the key parts (motherboard, automatic plate and plywood) and the case, TAG Heuer is located in the high-Tak Ke Nuoer plant to complete.

Vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour Calibre 1887 set with 39 rubies, 29.3mm x 7.13mm movement from the 320 component parts, has power up to 50 hours. Powerful easy to maintain sturdy engine, carrying the full passion of a new bold designs, patents, brand 1887 balance wheel, matching the perfect column-wheel.

Futuristic interpretation of iconic chronograph

Inspired by the "Pan-American road race in Mexico," the Carrera series, the speed of the car in the warm blood in the Carrera's Pentium. Raikkonen and Hamilton and other racing champion, is a loyal calera wearer.

In the 150 anniversary of the brand was founded, to avant-garde fashion Carrera chronograph design, through its suction eye of the sapphire crystal surface, a bold show star component - Calibre 1887 mechanical chronograph movement, blue lead column round, slightly shiny surface of the top Swiss gossamer winding, TAG Heuer automatic plate.

The design brief calm, just as in 1964's first version of the same legible, ho Jacamar 1887 Chronograph Leila exquisite technology and design has long been beyond the fence.

Innovative ideas, elegant representation

TAG Heuer in 2010 once again with the IPAD its combination of innovative ideas, will be launched in December grand IPAD application.

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