Dior Crystal Diamond Series Couples Watches

Brand Watch News Report: Dior's design is popular neutral fashion, 42 mm section as a male form is diamond-studded, 28 mm models children as a relatively simple range of the female form. Male Female watch watch will be more and more expensive luxury, which is rare in the couple watch, but certainly the man's position. Oriental women used to be a man loved by men at the same time control, and Dior does convey a completely different concept that women in the realization of material and also enjoy the freedom of the spirit of independence.

Price of 83,300 yuan male form and female form price of 25,800 yuan

For a certain economic capacity, its not for lack of watch wearing a couple, what brand value, what the classical style, practical and engaging and is not important. What they need is personality and stylish watches, to the world show off their unique love. This type of watch must be expensive, at least have up and down is enough quality in the one hundred thousand yuan, and the prominent shape, you can see is a forgotten folk. Romantic and more and more couples choose to grant a rare limited edition on the watch, the watch will be a special, dedicated a special love, this must be worthy of the status of their heart.

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