Gravity and Gravity Fashion Colorful Watches

Fashion Watch Trend Report: Watch manufacturer Ziiiro company launched two fashion color watches, personalized Gravity and Mercury quite creative, not only the full sense of the name of the future, the appearance of color fashion personality, very different from the traditional time to read design.

Watch these two fashion colors to show the flow line is a simple style, no longer has a traditional dial pointer and scale, respectively, twice with the flow of color inside and outside the ring on behalf of the hour and minute hands. Thicker inner circle of the color ring represents hours, relatively thin cylindrical representatives of minutes, the color is very bright personality. Looked at them and saw a blur of movement of the time, giving a time as it flows up a touch too bright visual experience.

Gravity series of silicone strap can also replace the heart, for love of fresh fashion and sports owners. The Mercury series, the outer stainless steel woven mesh bracelet is more suitable for the elegant man. Ziiiro company official quoted £ 115.00 - £ 125.00.

Article Source: http://www.v-trend.biz

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