Breguet NO.7637 Minute Repeater Watch

Watches Review Center Report: Breguet Classique Grandes Complications18K platinum series watch, manual winding movement, 18K gold silver dial with hand-engraved pattern. 3 o'clock 24-hour display, 9 o'clock setting up an independent small second hand, sapphire crystal case back

In 2008, Breguet three questions with a new way to interpret the technical miracle of the watch, the three asked to re-install the unit after using the new materials design and movement, the sound of three spring asked the watch, the sound and tone hammer spring base position of the innovative changes. At present, this patented technology devices have become three questions form Breguet No. 7637 and its full drill version No. 7639 features design.

The diameter of 42 mm, platinum or rose gold case to cast the three asked the watch, watches the dial is made of traditional Breguet style, hand-engraved silver gold dial, the dial on a 9 point with a separate Small seconds dial, the designer also designed a small dial when we made a visual game, the second hand indicates the 0 point design in the near 6 o'clock position, breaking our traditional thinking.

The other side of the dial was at 3 o'clock 24-hour day and night display function. Watch list through the back sapphire glass case back, we can see is made entirely with hand-carve the manual winding movement, gold tone color between spring and the case against the background, while the hard metal hammers and the chamfer is polished polished treatment - so hard to watch the material is processed to add a lot more difficult. Slide the slider to ask the watch, vibrant and out of Smart's temperament, you will feel there has never been asked any one of three watchs, can be like the watch the same burst out from the case in such a crystal clear melodies.

Since Breguet born into this world, the majority of his time living in Paris, the lifetime contribution to the manufacture of watches and clocks, the invention of a great many unique and active in the watch industry in each area, which also made his name as a synonym for the Swiss watch one of the most important. In his great life, and the invention of the tourbillon shock devices, improved automatic watch are sufficient to become a legend on the works of history. However, Breguet own case, the innovation is on the watch to ask him most proud.

We asked the watch is not only a rare rare weekday complex form, is the traditional art of watch making technology and the perfect combination of music products, and only asked the watch to reflect the spirit of the pursuit of Watches true, but for all the ultimate goal of the watch manufacturers who . We can think of: only very talented master clocks can be used to obscure the machinery for these additional jets on the sounds of nature sounds, it is like to watch real life, for granted. Naturally, such harsh conditions, ask a direct result of the number of watchs are extremely rare, so ask this of course greatly increased value of the collection watch.

The most common question watch percussion sounds by hammers spring pronunciation, and in 1783, the legendary master Abraham Watches - A.-L.Breguet to further improve the organization. Create watch he asked, is the case side of the operation of the slider to move, release the slider, the hammers will be returned to its original location and follow the rhythm of percussion sounds to the time a certain spring. Q watch is usually two tone spring plate in the case of the delicate inner tube, in order to make it sound perfect, producers need to spend a lot of time and effort, and this is why the cost of a high Q fundamental factor watch .

In the same field, Breguet has also created several for the moment and the newspaper reported Banke, five minutes and even asked the watch ten minutes the sound spring device, in 1800, he invented the small size of the folding style buckle latch Q watch (with a press? rotating watch ring), can be tied lanyards and even on the tape. This design also ensures that the watch will not accidentally touch the sound.

Over the past several hundred years, Breguet and asked the watch "sound" fate continues to heat up, a leisurely works fine, along with smart ideas Breguet designers continue to emerge. 

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