Audemars Piguet 20 million Millennium Treasures Series

Audemars Piguet Series Millennium Treasures

New Luxury Watches Report: Elegant Art Deco rose gold case, length 28 mm, width 25 mm, case, lugs, clasp a total of 147 round diamonds inlaid, Cal.2046 hand chord movement
Price: 201,000 yuan

Motivation for women than men, wearing a simple watch, some women buy a watch is pretty nice to wear in the hands of some women to simply to look at the time, which turned around female white-collar majority. Unlike men, do not buy a watch wearing a down, what should bother the brand in the study of history, technology, complex functions.

I have met, and liked to wear a simple and elegant two-or three-pin watch pin girl in the majority, can not easily tell the time watch that they never wear. As "why do women like to buy things," as described in this book - women are women first, and then the consumers, they will give up for a cup holder a BMW 540i, because the bracket does not fit her Starbucks coffee cup.

The other woman is wearing a watch but rarely watch. watch is worn for others to read, never mind bracelet watch or bracelet form, as long as the stylish, will reveal the character enough.

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