Five Characteristics of Luxury

Precipitation History 

Watch News Center Report: Three generations of a noble order, this sentence is used in the field of luxury apt. Regarded as the top luxury all without exception, have a lot of consumers, and indulge a long history of memorable stories, many brands and even hundreds of years. Looks very stylish Montblanc is celebrating its founding years; Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin watches, etc. can be traced back to before the middle of the 18th century. Like aged wine can cost several times as consumers are willing to pay for this invisible history. History, is the first element of luxury luxury reason to want you to get enough of the luxury brand, talk about the history of it.   

Unique brand 

1879 "King of Vodka" Lars Olsson Smith in Sweden to create a continuous distillation, which is absolute vodka follow the brewing process and carried forward. Absolute Vodka insist town of origin, the use of the natural deep water brewing, to ensure the quality of every drop of wine. This has become the most important selling point Absolut Vodka. Moreover, absolute vodka also combine themselves with Pop Art, pop art master Andy Warhol to Absolut vodka in another new form of display in the world: an absolute art. But this is always around the Absolut Vodka brand-speed requirements: the absolute pure and unique. 
Many genes have such luxury. Blancpain all hand-made and does not adhere to any diamond inlaid, LV seek sophisticated and simple, PRADA pursuit of perfection, these unique factors that become important to consumers to choose their reasons. They insist the idea of ​​never changing with the trend, it will not meet the public taste, they just want to sell to people who like it.   

Power of legend 

If you back these brands, most brands are not difficult to find a legendary figure with the closely linked, so a lot of luxury to its founder named. Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin are all true. Founders only created the initial product legend, but also provides a unique brand concept and brand gene. Many brand has become a luxury, but also because it is treated as the family business from generation to generation, making its process and the spirit of heritage is still intact. Louis Vuitton by the French Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. Louis Vuitton is the founder of the nineteenth century aristocratic palace, a special package for travel luggage technicians, skilled suitcase he produced, gradually spread throughout Europe from Paris. In 1896, Louis Vuitton's son George, father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern, monogram canvas design printed on the style, and even today are still being used. Family stories like this abound in the top brands, many of the brand to a large 20th century luxury began to be acquired by, and started a market-oriented operation, but the brand essence has been to pass along. 

Limited number 

While many luxury goods are after the commercial operation, although the high price, but it is still money can buy. Thus, limited edition merchandise to become a great temptation, because it represents the number of rare, unique design and special commemorative significance. Limited Edition product is a "luxury in the luxury", the principle is to make its production of the luxury products can not be copied, limited to only a small number of people can have high prices. Limited Edition's core values ​​is not the product, but because it can provide the dreams and exclusive, luxury is dream for collectors. Each year, the world's major brands are limited edition products for the production of brains. From an economic point of view, limited edition products and the brand can not bring high returns, but many brands still willing to sacrifice part of the economic well-limited edition products. Manufacturers hope that consumers get the products from the loyalty and recognition, rather than short-term interests. If there is no limited edition product launches, it certainly can not get the luxury brand of the hall.   

The secret arts and crafts 

Prevalent in the era of mechanization and assembly line, people have a special hand-intimacy thing. People take for granted that, the manual production to be much more "authentic", excellent quality, rich in content. Therefore, most luxury goods are preserved as historical era left its traditional crafts. Manual time consuming and expensive it is not surprising. Jurassic door day after day, the valley of the craftsmen's tools for processing complex with a simple watch, LV adhere to each rivet is built by hand, a lot of fashion is a stitch sewn by hand. In a large number of high-quality cheap goods into the market, the luxury crafts seems to be the most important factor to maintain high prices.


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