CITIZEN light kinetic energy

Brand Watch News Report: Dial and rose gold plated bracelets are stainless steel, the use of light energy wave movement, absorb any visible light and the watch into kinetic energy driven operation, and can automatically receive the signal and set the time.

Men and women were 3,800 yuan

Price below two million, the most suitable for those who want to rediscover the couple used to wearing a watch. Such watches are basically simple models of the steel sheet, with a calendar function, it is practical, the price is easily acceptable, but as a token of love is not enough to look beautiful and romantic enough. So many brands are launched at this price point set with diamond couple watches. Diamond's brilliance as token of love to watch a token, is the exquisite jewelry, only to spend a million yuan each, they can have a key to a better life on the opening. It symbolizes the love of two people like a diamond, shining like a diamond, stout, long time. They selected the drilling table giving of love to each other can also be set for life as a private little preview.


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