Tips to Identify Genuine and Fake Watches

Watch News Center Report: 1. To see movement

First, the true form of the movement type and movement with a very familiar logo, the case of the false bottom of the watch form a transparent, can one distinguish authenticity. Secondly, we must carefully observe the movement of words, words carved genuine movement clear and beautiful, the rough off the watch, there is no beauty. Finally, we must understand the performance of the movement, as indicated in chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), movement of the sound travel time.

2. Look after the label change

See watch at the end of the factory label, usually on the label will have a brand watches logo, and a number of logo watch models. Some watch the watch at the end there will be laser tag laser anti-counterfeit.

3. To see where the appearance of fine

We must first look closely watch the appearance, including the appearance of polished: watch to see whether the way the fine grinding, polishing watches very particular about the process and leave the watch with them very different. Font: the font watch full of truth, leave the watch it appears that lack of confidence. Features: Most leave the watch and work hard in the function, which is a breakthrough in the watch to see through fake. Many false features are the watch decorations (moon phase, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc.) are not really this feature. Pointer: pointer to the real thing from the length, thickness, shape and material on and to distinguish fakes. For example, the senior watch often called "blue steel hands" really a pointer to the watch full of quiet blue color is, the complex processes baked, leave the watch is a brush up of the blue. Disk: the disk of high technology are used watch enamel face, chi Lou technology, radioactive metal disk, shell, disk, and some watch also has its own unique technologies, such as computer disk Rolex, Cartier gold silver carved disk and so on. Diamond and mosaic: mosaic look, diamond quality and size.

4. Watch glass

General sapphire crystal watch glass by glass, the easiest way is to distinguish between the glass surface with your fingers tapping the real sapphire crystal glass will issue a crisp sound.

5. Look at digital number identification

Carefully watch the bottom cover and the name of all the relevant identification number, leave the watch without the usual rule, and even so the watch does not correspond to the median. True each statement is individually numbered.

6. See icons mark

Including the strap marks, clasp mark, mark the end of the watch, the watch and the gold watch ear mark specific patterns and digital imprint.

7. To see the hidden places

Look at all the corners, such as the strap inside (take the lead in a number). These are the most difficult to achieve off the watch, but also the most easily overlooked where buyers.

8. To see the traditional production process

Are the traditional techniques, such as the shape of screws, polished and carved end watchs, and watch some of the watch factory on their own special mark.

9. Look at strap

Senior watch belt use high-quality crocodile skin, hand sewn, no matter materials are of superior technology.

10. Watch boxes and certificate

Box work watch also reflects the value of watches, watch boxes senior very elegant watch, the certificate will be printed on the watch produced in the model and unique serial number, we call it the "birth certificate." Some certificates have pinhole drilling technology will watch the numbers to play on the certificate, to prevent counterfeiting.

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