Zenith El Primero Rattrapante Chronographs watch

Latest Watches News Report: Zenith watch 2010 is yet to retain the concept of traditional watchmaking innovative breakthrough year, and the first in the series launched Chronograph El Primero Rattrapante chronographs watch, is to represent the old traditions and new technology the perfect combination of the increase this year, still chronographs El Primero 36000 switch equipped with high-frequency seismic movement, with complex chronographs feature high technology to enhance the function of time, but even if the functional complex, Zenith, and still maintained a simple design for the idea of working fine, no matter times change, technology advances, the same is the perfect Zenith century watchmaking.

Need to make an El Primero movement: 5,500 procedure | dial grinding process requires 50 | 77 bridge decks require additional grinding process | parts needed for each procedure 5-50 | classic watches need to use 18 different metals. In addition to accurately show the El Primero movement time, the chronograph can accurately measure the duration of an activity, it is usually used for sports events, and scientific research or industrial operation. The ultimate precision instrument, the so-called utility function is not easy to produce complex, only a very few manufacturers to master the movement of this technology, they can be called a true manufacturer of precision clocks. 

Zenith was the first company to produce integrated self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement of the watch brand, this legendary El Primero movement is also equipped with another impressive technical achievement: its vibration frequency of 10 per second times. Since 1969, the movement is the realization of this series produced the most accurate timing performance, it is the only one directly connected with the adjusting body movement, so you can really measure 1 / 10 seconds. 

When the economic and strategic interests at stake, in the vital moment, accuracy and reliability are the two most important determining factor. Able to withstand the most extreme conditions, swatch performance and precise timing of the Zenith chronograph movement has always been the same shoulder aviation, marine, expedition and exploration of the great mission. 
Zenith El Primero Rattrapante chronograph watch 

2010, Zenith design a new style chronographs new standard stopwatch, in addition to no doubt in the accuracy and stability, but also through the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification movement chronographs, this function chronographs measurement can be used in the same time record the occurrence of the end of the two different times of the phenomenon, when the push button start Shangfang timing, timing pointer pointer needles overlap with the recovery forward, leading the middle of the first button press to recover the needle will be able to stop the record pointer the first time, leading the second button is pressed, the chronograph stops at the same time will re-start after needle pointer pointer to catch up time, and called chronographs.
The face plate configuration, the large date display at 6 o'clock, read more easily, small seconds at nine o'clock position, while the 30-minute lap is located at the 3 o'clock position, showing Zenith return to tradition can be re-starting the design of the watch looks simple but functional but no less, except in case of grinding the more delicate details and complicated, large face plate opening so that the time to read more easily, and then re-opening the back cover increased to more clearly see the movement of the configuration and operation of complex functions simple design, are shown again in a century watchmaking excellence Zenith Technology 

Zenith Grande ChronoMaster Open Venice Limited Edition


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