Bvlgari Launched Via Dei Condotti Watch

Watches Review Center Report: In 2010, Bulgari continued to pay tribute to history, to Rome, Italy, headquarters address "Via dei Condotti 10" in the name of a limited launch of the annual commemorative watch ~ Via Dei Condotti Condor embankment road watch, the price of great affinity, with a curved case, mechanical movement, automatic chain and pivot watchs back, and side labeling Established in 1884, Bulgari and other features, plus a limited number of only one The Issue of Taiwan quota limit. Collection is bound to set off a wave watch fans!

Famous contemporary jewelery jeweler Bulgari in Italy, originated in Greece Epirus region. Hundred years ago, the founder of his family - Sotirio Bulgari process in place to make a century back to life, creating a rare silver carved jewelry. In 1879, Emperor Bulgari family emigrated to Italy, first in Naples, after living for several months, we will lead the family moved to Luo Maan decided. Di Leo initial claim on the French Academy in Pincio door manufacturer selling his silver. After a Greek businessman will be located in Via Sistina street corner store window to lend his cable show God's goods in Europe, so its products in Europe claim God's unique interior design style, and set her on the achievements of his future Road. In 1884, Emperor cable on the same street in Europe opened its first shop.

In 1894, Emperor cable stores in Europe will migrate to the Via Condotti 28 number. Later, in 1905 the shop moved to Via dei Condotti 10 number, and the British novelist Charles Dickens to borrow the title of a novel, the shop named 'Old Curiosity Shop', to attract tourists from the UK. During this period, consider each claim Emperor Leo the different needs of customers on jewelry, silver jewelry and began to increase the number and style to meet the guests a variety of options. In 1934, the cable three months after the death of Emperor Leo, Via Condotti store renovated to expand the business. New store in the April 9, 1934 re-opening, to wide acclaim, and in the future as a historic Bvlgari flagship store. After World War II, Via dei Condotti 10 often star-studded, shuttle countless celebrities, and many fans eyes unbeaten idol, have a good patrons ANSA! Including the well-known movie star Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and so film star, have visited more than Geli Kang Tai Po Boulevard store.

Bulgari "Condor dike road," watch, Bvlgari exclusive B77 Caliber with automatic mechanical movement, with time, moment, minutes and date display performance, and decorated with Geneva wave pattern and polished pearl dots. 40mm black carbon fiber and stainless steel materials of the case, timeless style and classic 18k white gold with a crown and a soft calfskin strap; In addition, another dizzy with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case back with the perspective, showing a perfect arc design . Deal with matte black and the face plate, embossed with the pointer, and the other engraved BVLGARI landmark record shop in Via Dei Condotti 10 Roma, engraved case back side of the founder of the brand Bulgari BVLGARI year "1884" in 18k white gold commemorative signs, particularly memorable. Geli Kang Tai Po Road, watch more reasonable price of NT only 68,000 yuan, now available at the province's limited sales Bulgari boutiques.

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