Rado Launched Ceramic Series Introduced, Classic Two Tone Strap

Latest Watches News ReportIn fashion, the theme of how to change despite changes in the global fashion, black and white and gold, silver line is always the responsibility and swatch fashion torrent classic throne, it is never lost their appeal! Especially when high-tech ceramic translucent black with classic stunning gold, silver and interactive integration of the full share of deep and solid colors that can not be absolutely look the other material support or oppose the. Specializes in high-tech ceramic Rado timepiece technology, increasing last year's series of mechanical watches in the ratio in order to meet consumer groups like automatic watch. Watch the latest series of color precision ceramic mechanical mixture that is modern retro design elements to the language of the watch again, the radar is shaping a new generation of luxury timepieces look.

Black, white, gold, silver is a popular global fashion the same law, Rado color elements of the design team will be the perfect combination of these high-tech ceramic material and technological process technology, to create a fashion trend-only mechanical watch. This can follow the trend of the ceramic popular last couple of years have changed the brand of the watch as part of the mining technology of ceramic material element is obvious, the radar so that more consumers to the watch and admire the beauty of the time when the accounting process, to better understand these shares by the mind off the radar of high-tech ceramic watch fashion fad.

The debut of a new series of two-color Rado Precision ceramic black gold mechanical watch has also introduced two models with black and silver color combination: a dial 3,9 o'clock in the placement of two Top Wesselton, VVS, G-class real diamond drill watch, another dial is taken when the standard design of radial lines. Two models are all black watch dial, automatic winding mechanical using ETA movement, 25 stones inlaid, and at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions, respectively, with the radar watch the exclusive symbol of mechanical anchor logo and swing Date display window.

Rado Precision ceramic series of new mechanical watches black gold color touch of golden section to the large area of black lines to more vigorous by nature, so that distributed more mysterious black glory. Dial with gold luster when the standard 3,9-clear position on the four diamonds, or the same color radial time scale, combination of elegance and flashes of dazzling, it look askance. Black and silver models are in honor with a clear sense of color of the light and is markedly effective in mild, especially for elegant, tasteful but low-key people, fewer bells and whistles designed to show off, whether money or time scale diamond design, through the silver even more Return to Innocence, to slow down the pace of life, people savor the regain in returning to the elegant.

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