Five Roamer family, eye-catching new Venus series

Latest Watches News Report: Five Elements Five Elements, and more for philosophy, medicine and divination, the representative of the concept of a substance. Watch as the best material and reflects the value of property as one of the five elements of nature also have a big fuss. Rome watch is one of the five elements have a complete series of brands, the eye-catching new products, Venus is among the five elements, this series after joining the modern fashion elements, even more mysterious and modern.

Venus series design concept, originally from the beginning of the last century, a gold watch which the Roamer form, is considered a classic history of Rome, the clocks were made. Now, with the continuous advancement of watchmaking technology, as well as adding more stylish modern design elements, the designer of this gold watch in the "dress up" under the five elements into which the Venus series, a family of five elements member.

Venus can be seen this series, the strap is used in solid color of polished diamond material, which joined in the strap between the gold, so it is particularly a quality watch. Functionally, the Roamer watch in the high-end watch brands in the technology demonstrated. Swiss automatic movement from the purely mechanical movement, durable, able to operate normally under different environments. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal arch, showing a simple elegant texture is absolutely perfect as a symbol of man.

In the design, Venus series you do not see any fancy place, the watch looks like a streamlined neat and rigid, for the successful careers of men, this is mean enough and determined to show one. Simple and stylish but without losing the identity of the grade is the pursuit of men. 3 hour position on the dial display on the calendar, so in the life and work hard for you, you can always spotted time. Every second counts is the attitude, and one on the calendar and think of the date of recall, is also a motive. Perhaps it is the anniversary between you, or your daughter's birthday.

Venus bottom all made of transparent material with a wear-resistant, not only high quality, bright and stylish, and super water resistant to 100 meters intimate love the people even more, it is easy to deal with your daily life, so that is all happening altogether, and free and easy.

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