IWC Launched Aquatimer Memorial Marine Cousteau Special Edition Watch

Latest Watches News Report: In the 20th century, no one can be like the legend that effectively promote and influence of the world's oceans. Marcus asked to Jacques-Yves Cousteau years anniversary, as the Cousteau Society over the years, partners and sponsors, the Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen watch grand To offer this "master" the fifth special edition watch: Aquatimer Jacques-Yves Cousteau Ocean Chronograph Timepiece.
He wore a red wool cap landmark, and his inspection activities will be deep underwater world for the first time show in front of the world. He shot a television series not only attracted people for generations, but also triggered the rise of scuba diving needs and concerns of nature. Alias "Captain," asked Jacques Yves Marcus died in 1997, he is not only a pioneer in underwater research, but also the world's marine conservation advocate. IWC Schaffhausenin 1967 launched the first professional diving watch marine timepiece to actively promote this increasingly popular sport.

In addition, since 2003, IWC Schaffhausen and the Cousteau Society has maintained a close working relationship. Jacques Yves Cousteau Society is founded Adamkus primary care non-profit organization since its inception has been tirelessly to carry out the protection of the world's oceans. In cooperation with the Association during, IWC funded in 6 years ago the Red Sea coral reefs, study tours, and for No. legendary Calypso research vessel has funded the restoration, also issued over four a special limited edition watch in recognition of the great pioneers of marine research.

Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Adamkus asked Edition", Model: IW376706, stainless steel case with gray dial and rubber strap, diameter 44 mm, with external rotating outer ring, mechanical chronograph movement, week and date display, small seconds with stop valve performance, with a watch chain Quick Change System, 79320 automatic winding movement, Power reserve 44 hours, water resistant to 120 meters.

June 11, 2010 is the outstanding research expert and filmmaker 100th anniversary, IWC to take this opportunity to launch Di Wukuan tribute: Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Library Story Edition. " The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case with 12-bar water resistance, gray dial printed on the signature Cousteau, white and blue scale calculator in sharp contrast, worn on the wrist is extraordinarily eye-catching. The external rotating bezel is very solid, even when wearing gloves can easily rotate, but for safety reasons only counterclockwise rotation. Four millimeters wide ring sapphire coated glass watch mirror six Super-LumiNova ® super-luminous material, in any visibility conditions can be identified to ensure the ideal time and light intensity, even when diving at night also clearly visible. Engrave on the case at the end Gai widely loved the portrait of the French, the outer ring engraved with "A Tribute to JY Cousteau 1910-2010" (dedicated to Jacques-Yves Adamkus asked ,1910-2010) of words. Marine Chronograph Timepiece "Jacques Yves Adamkus asked Edition" with a black rubber strap, to ensure the firmness of wear.

IWC and the Cousteau Society

IWC co-operation with the Cousteau Society demonstrate their common vision. Pioneering spirit, the pursuit of perfection, and ecological responsibility, which are driving both sides to carry out the development of technological innovation strength of underwater exploration, but also bringing the two sides in the protection of the world's oceans and climate issues such as publicly expressed strong support for the position. As a carbon neutral company, IWC since 2003 will work for the Cousteau Society to provide support. With the support of the Swiss watch manufacturer's generous donation, non-profit institutions to carry out the Cousteau Society to the Red Sea for several weeks in the research study, detailed records of the local status of coral reefs. Their work includes hundreds of photos and numerous videos and a large database, these are based on archival material collected primary Cousteau.

Inheritance Cousteau spirit, to carry out new exploration

Marine Chronograph Timepiece Caseback engrave Portrait Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

However, IWC IWC Schaffhausen Cousteau commemorate the birth of the plan and not just a special edition watch it. In this celebration, the company will sponsor the "National Geographic" Journal research trip. They will drive the second ship, Jacques Yves Adamkus care research vessel Alcyone number, and returns to visit along the route that year. The purpose of this study is to be found submerged Cousteau year with the latest data for comparison. Starting from Marseille, crew, and then through the Gulf of Porto north of Scandola Corsican marine nature reserves. After the researchers arrived Costa Brava of Medes Islands. Since 1990, the area around the islands has been a marine protected area and is strictly protected. Research project is the last leg of Islands Cabrera, the archipelago due to the great scientific and ecological importance has been classified as marine protected areas and national parks.

In addition to researchers, film crew and photographers outside, in the Ark sailed with Anna on the number of years there have accompanied Patrice Quesnel. Cousteau has designed and built ship in the early 1980s made drum ship, a sailing ship with a combination of engine power the ship. No. Anna Senanayake launched in 1985 her maiden voyage. In the past decade, representatives of the Cousteau Society Quesnel has been unique in the world as a drum aboard the ship captain, and he also served as project manager, responsible for the famous calypso ship repair work . "National Geographic" magazine study tours will be launched in summer 2010, the study tour will enable "master" the Cousteau legacy back to life the rich.

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