Bvlgari launched Daniel Roth New Series

Latest Watches News Report: This remarkable work carried out on the wonderful art of hollowing the ultimate expression of excellence. The ultimate expression of a perfect hollow watch this over considering the major elements of complex processes, to ensure durability and driving under the premise of matching movement to maximize the harmony structure of the movement to ensure perfect operation.

Gold brown parts are cleverly accommodate the double oval rose gold case, the main plates, bridges and through the delicate hollow ratchet gear, a small part of each have been carefully hand-rolling and perfect Carve. Within a thin sheet of light punctuate trimmed with satin polished round diamond jewelry point, as the hour and minute scale, the perfect integration into the whole of the hollow fine process. Dial and the movement to achieve perfect integration. The number of the most streamlined, hand-chased with the most exquisite precious metal is perfectly set in dial ring and hour markers positive momentum on the back of reserve display.


The main thickness of only 3.48 mm plywood, the achievements of this world's thinnest tourbillon watch boutique. The transparent hollow classic Bvlgari watch case is equipped with double-sided sapphire crystal glass. Watch mirror through anti-reflective treatment process, ensure that the case clearly within the fine structure of the perfect present, with 82 sophisticated and polished form part of the straight line lever bridge tourbillon device vividly at present.

Set in rose gold double oval-shaped case of this extreme complexity of the recovery timer with a chronograph function pin, this feature is shown by the two central seconds hand: the classic chronograph pointer pointer and chronographs.


When you press the button chronograph, two pointer perfect synchronization operation. Stop button to stop both can be achieved, and re-positioning. When the central seconds hand starts, start a separate function chronographs. When the crown on the other a coaxial button is pressed, after needle pointer suspended chronograph pointer is still running. Press the button chronographs, so after needle pointer back to the top of chronograph pointers, two pointers to overlapping run until the third time press the button again to stop chasing coaxial needle pointer.

This unique device can be in motor racing and other games for a short time, as shown in the temporary suspension of the pointer still time before the arrival of each participant in the chase to stop double-needle pointers, to help time.

With the high-end Swiss watch-making industry Manufacture du Sentier leader Daniel Roth has joined with Grald Gent Bulgari, it will greatly enhance and grow the noble image of the Bulgari brand, and give us more surprises extraordinary work.