Bvlgari Launched New Watch Diagono Calibro

Latest Watches News Report: Strong and solid exercise intensity, symmetrical balanced amplifier style, fine mechanical technology, Diagono Calibro 303 special edition chronograph reflects the blue of the aesthetic taste of modern life and the essence of high-quality watchmaking.

Diagono The name comes from ancient Greece the word 'agòn', meaning that a contest or competition, its design inspired by ancient Greek sculptor Myron Myron derived work "Discus Thrower", watch design presents a simple dynamic and strength, inherited the ancient Greek contemporary aesthetic trends. Diagono series with 20 years of development time changing tastes show honor, called for the classic style watches. Uphold the original spirit, and continued research into the style and materials of new creative essence.

Bvlgari Diagono Calibro 303 hand-built BVL 303 with automatic winding movement; this movement formed by a 303 precision parts, consuming a total of 3,520 hours of research and development completed. Chain of the structure through the column wheel and vertical clutch gear components close operation is the top watch connoisseurs in mind the most perfect mechanical operation. Series of vertical coupling of the gear design system can start, stop and reset when the pointer jumps to prevent the state is to support the timing function of the precision system. Divided into 12 hours, 30 minutes and 60 seconds, three timers, so that more accurate timing function correctly. Six o'clock date display window also.

Transparent sapphire case back can get a glimpse of the operation of all the precision machinery, and by a Geneva wave, pearl dot pattern satiné soleil polishing and decorative treatment. Case is composed of 75 different parts, the use of fine lines and polished steel surface and the angle processing, 18K white gold Bulgari logo engraved on the bezel. Sturdy watch designed with special protection, Central crown, covered with blue convergence lugs crocodile leather strap. Pointer on the dial hand-crafted Bvlgari simple outline style amplifier. Crafted a multi-level dial design allows various functions at a glance. Dial three-tier structure mining, presented in different ways: a metal substrate to satiné soleil decorative patterns, bright blue vertical stripes on the upper structure to deal with, assisted by the circular window trimming time, with luminous hand-faceted digital scale and hand details of the outer clock. Unique combination of contemporary taste and high quality Swiss watchmaking, Diagono Calibro 303 Special Edition is a blue sports fashion watch, Bvlgari is the ultimate pursuit of the perfect representative works.

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