TAG Heuer LINK Calibre 16 Chronograph Date Day Watch

One would dream sports and leisure sportsman watch, watch a fashion symbol of noble, TAG Heuer Link Cal.16 Date Day Chronograph watch, a distinguished and elegant combination of motor function and multi-function watch shape design , plus exclusive Hoya S-type chain with the design, unique and luxurious details of the modified line to become the first choice for the public taste alone. TAG Heuer Link watch has just as stylish and dynamic symbol of excellence.

TAG Heuer LINK watch series published in 1987, when the name S / el (Sport / Elegance) series, is still able to play top-level throne of elegant sports watch position, a dynamic fashion and a symbol of excellence. LINK series of unique appearance and precision performance criteria laid a luxury sports watch; S-shaped segment with a flexible chain composed of paste service, comforwatch and has won the true meaning of ergonomics, with lasting aesthetic value, many watch fans and business leaders all rush to become a universally recognized symbol of success. God is not only a generation car Ayrton Senna's wrist when the total favorite, or the world a golfer Tiger Woods, "The Bourne Identity - the ultimatum," the Hollywood film star Matt Day Mongolia are designated to wear this series watch.

TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Link Cal.16 date this week launched a new mechanical Chronograph watch, elegant and still, the wearing comfort, innovation and technical performance has been commendable; not only to keep the original concept, design details of the more distinctive bold; a fixed bezel velocity scale, superior performance and accurate timing; with the date of week window, can easily read the date with the week, while TAG Heuer TAG Heuer unique and patented S-refining zone, stickers clothing and comforwatch form of the watch lines and luxurious details of the modification, fine craft uniquely; watches available in black, silver color, and wear resistance with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass watch curved mirror, steel chain belt type with folding clasp. Classical new look, TAG Heuer Link Cal.16 Date Day Mechanical Chronograph watch, the fans once again captured the hearts of the watch, so legend TAG Heuer continues to shine endless.

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