New Breitling Super Ocean series, and the "flying fish" in close cooperation

For aviation professionals, long-term partner, Breitling are not only aircraft with a pilot, is also a free diving world record holder in close cooperation. As the aircraft pilot and free divers of the world record holder Church (Herbert Nitsch), high altitude and deep sea is known for his term. Are nicknamed "flying fish," said, Nitsch is the first and only able to breath dive 700 feet (214 meters) depth of this amazing, now he is heading embarked on the legendary difficulty of 1000 feet, which is 305 meters of the seabed depth. This non-athletes can generally hold your breath more than nine minutes, his strong spirit and physical strength make him worldwide

Nitsch's story from his first love of flying and aviation activities, beginning with the enthusiasm, he soon won the flight license, as the Austrian Airlines Group's airline pilot - he was still engaged in a part-time job. Similarly, marine and deep sea diving passion, making him now the greatest freedom of divers breathing temporarily closed one. It is said that between these two activities, Nitsch's feet rarely set foot on the ground. The athlete was born in Austria in 1970, the movement began at a very fortuitous opportunity, and changed his destiny. In 1999, scuba diving vacation in Egypt on his way, his equipment when lost in transit. This forced him to reluctantly only throughout the holidays with a diving mask, then he discovered the joy of free diving in the world and themselves in the grasp and control of respiratory amazing ability. After two weeks of training, he and two meters shy of the Austrian national records, and two years later broke his first world record.

In order to promote human achievement and exceed their limits, Nitsch developed a legendary goal of 1000 feet breath - the breath sneak into the incredible depth of 305 meters. This feat would certainly confirm his other nickname: "the most deep-sea of people on Earth."

New Breitling Super Ocean series, rugged, high performance, water-resistant to 1,500 meters. While this Breitling Super Ocean watch, and reliably with the challenges he conquered and continued to insist on high-altitude flight and the two sneak into the deep passion.

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