Hoya landed 150 anniversary of the culmination of Shanghai with a full bright

150 years of luxury time, how to Tag Heuer culmination glance?
Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer Pioneer "Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour," June 22 to 26 at the Westgate Mall grand opening.

Since its inception in 1860, TAG Heuer has always been a model of leading Swiss watch precision, continuously challenge the time limit, in the watch industry, created a splendid history, is the world's four major watch brands.

2010, coincided with the TAG Heuer 150 anniversary of the birth of the brand to focus on the peak of the eye pose, bring "Odyssey Pioneer Global Tour", will last eight months, across three continents, touring 15 cities worldwide, with to record the glorious history of the Zhenhan Tag Heuer antique watch, and on behalf of Tag Heuer in the past, present and future Tag Heuer culmination CARRERA 1887, MONCAO V4 and PENDULUM pioneer luxury watch, extreme bright light bloom.

One milestone of the watch for high Yamonage V4 concept, innovative two-bracket linear guideway put Tuo, to drive with a mechanical gear transmission replacing the traditional combination of transmission, the Basel Watch Fair in 2004, shocked the world in one fell swoop.

More than that, tour also exhibited cross-border cooperation Tag Heuer commemorative Tesla Tesla Roadster, with TAG Heuer-inspired concept of the watch to show 100% electric car design ahead of environmental protection Tag Heuer, leading the vanguard of the ultimate speed experience .

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