Breitling Chronograph watch the space, creating a new instrument pilot

Rugged, high performance, precision accuracy: Breitling built a new multi-function watch, the cockpit can be adapted to all kinds of stringent requirements, the star of innovative bezel design make it both on land or the sky is fully shown extraordinary temperament.

This 125 years, Breitling launched a variety of designs for pilot star watches, including the famous Navitimer, the circular flight flying slider to the various operations required. Now, as a special partner Breitling aviation community, to adhere to this tradition and uses the latest cutting-edge electronic technology to create a new watch. Specially designed for professionals Chronospace has a series of very practical pilot superior features: accuracy of hundredths of a second of the sub-time function, alarm, countdown, with separate dual-time zone alarm show that the standard 24-hour military time format, the world standard time (UTC), calendar. All functions are derived from the Swiss official Observatory Breitling certified SuperQuartz ™ movement, the precision of quartz movement 10 times more common. Large dial with large gauge needles have even more prominent, while fluorescence time pointer and 3 pm and 9 positions of a large number of scales. To ensure the day, the biggest night readability, LCD screen with backlight, high-performance night vision compatible system. Double bottom cover specially designed purpose is to bring the voice signal amplification to 90 dB. Star bezel can be easily used and accurate turn round pinion bezel - a novel design not only unique but also ergonomically. Chronospace can be used with a variety of strap / bracelet, including the slightly retro atmosphere of the new braided satin polished stainless steel bracelet, and a more dynamic activity of perforated rubber strap. Professionals dedicated to the extraordinary wrist instrument.

Technical Specifications:
Movement: Breitling Caliber 78 SuperQuartz ™ (temperature sensors regulate the Super quartz movement), COSC certified Swiss official Observatory, analog and LCD 12/24 hour display (compatible with night vision goggles), hundredth of a second accuracy of the segmentation Timing functions: alarm clock, countdown, with separate dual time zone clock, world standard time (UTC), calendar, battery depletion prompts.
Case: steel. Waterproof up to 5 atmospheres (50 meters). Two-way rotating pinion bezel (ring flying slider). Arch sapphire crystal, double anti-reflection treatment.
Dial: volcanic black, navy blue, tungsten gray, cloud silver.
Strap: leather strap, Diver Pro II (center decorated with embossed) rubber strap, Ocean Racer Ocean race (hole) rubber strap or stainless steel braided Aero Classic bracelet.


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