Bulgari pursuit of perfection, creating an elegant classical

Latest Watches News Report: Cable to Bulgari was across the Rio multicultural travelers, entrepreneurs, and of aesthetics, but also the world's most distinguished founders of jewelry and watch brands. His pioneering spirit of the subversion of the many institutions at the time, far ahead of the standard is now being regarded as a classic. One way is to work directly to his most famous tourist destination in Europe at that time. In all seasons, from St. Moritz to him Lucerne, from Sanremo to Sorrento, to show the works of the more amazing love, while his kingdom is also growing. The kingdom built on the cornerstone of taste and beautiful on top of the sub cable to Rio Sun Chuancheng the father's vision, innovation, talent and continuous distillation of the avant-garde and luxury concept.

Young Cable in Rio Bulgari feel the spirit of innovation at the time, amazing fusion of art and craft, left Greece and went to Corfu, and then came to just a unified Italy - European aristocratic youth the purpose of travel land. His pioneering spirit enough to overcome any obstacles, challenges any traditional, guiding him to the core of European high society, to experience the ultimate aesthetics and elegance. There, in the aristocratic salons, he will own values into reality, breaking the tradition of the mainstream at that time, to establish a reputation for excellence, and this spirit is still so modern now.

Sotirio BVLGARI watch the performance of the enduring relentless pursuit of perfection

Sotirio Bulgari watch is a prototype of the classic elegance with modern re-interpretation of temperament. It is not only a tribute to the founder of the brand, also highlights the BVLGARI Bulgari brand tradition of excellence in design. Watchmaking technology and design aesthetics to the distinctive case of non-negligent interpretation.

Sotirio Bulgari family in all the works, the watch is a unique symbol of the ear. Lugs to acute way back into the watch, despite minimal contact surface with the case, but the unique structure has brought excellent tensile strength, the dual processing effect. This innovation owes much to the Finger BVLGARI Bulgari Group acquired the company, which since 1898 began to produce the highest quality of case products.

In the manufacturing process and design, even the most minute attention to detail has also been completely. Ear from the watch a unique 45-degree angle to watch every one crown on the "SB" word, indeed, every detail is so fantastic final results.

All types of watchs are used sapphire crystal back case back. Turn the watch back can get a glimpse of movement of the structure and functioning, and Bulgari BVLGARI relentless pursuit of the perfect lasting.

Sotirio Bulgari watch Bvlgari reminiscent of the style originated in Rome

Sotirio Bulgari watch a perfect interpretation of the complex and delicate process, the careful attention to every detail to bring the precious beauty of the dial and buckle

Sotirio Bulgari watch dial is unique in all the crystallization of precision design, combining classic elegance and modern aesthetics. Hand-inlaid with the huge scale of this style of Roman numerals to expose bare, can not help but think of the Roman style, Bvlgari BVLGARI origin. At the same time, bold and rich dial treatment, so Sotirio Bulgari more unique temperament.

Sotirio Bulgari watch dial multi-level design creates a subtle optical effect, to attract the viewer's attention. Relief effects and clever use of the perfect geometric arc against the background of the BVLGARI Bulgari brand logo of a pure aesthetic.

Each dial is designed and manufactured independently by Cadrans Design, this part of BVLGARI Bulgari Group, a subsidiary to specialize in the production of high-quality watch dials known.

Sapphire crystal and precise scale entirely by BVLGARI Bvlgari watchmakers hand-assembled, the perfect interpretation of the complex and delicate process, the careful attention to every detail to bring the precious beauty.

Strap buckle is no exception, Sotirio Bulgari watches the classic pin buckle clasp will slightly change, together with the unique 45-degree angle design. Clasp BVLGARI Bulgari by the Group, another subsidiary of Prestige d'Or production, as the perfect finishing touch each chop, watch, watch given the unparalleled beauty of harmony, representing the BVLGARI BVLGARI watch the entire manufacturing full control of the process.

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