Omega Constellation Series Women drill tables, to pay tribute to the world of women

May Mother's Day, Mother always let the world once again gratitude the hard work and beautiful, hand jewelry for the mom to wear on the U.S. list, condensation on the mother's infinite love and gratitude, despite the minute and second flow of motherly love is so honest and praise and firm. In 1952, the birth of Omega Constellation watch, was doomed to be recorded every minute for the whole world beautiful women classic Rose history, passing half a century, Omega in such a special festival to watch the new Constellation Series consistent gorgeous elegant bearing, to pay tribute to all the selfless mother.

This year, the Omega series of artistic photographs show exquisite diamond watch and the delicate relationship between the human body. Black and white colors of the carcass, skin, fine lines visible after speaking to a woman's life course of each wonderful; the wrist was an Omega Constellation Series Women only to drill a new watch through a variety of body movements, recorded the elegant all sorts of wonderful multi-faceted and female life floating video segment. Photo Nazhi people can not ignore the new Omega Constellation Series Women always have mixed attitude Diamond watchs are perfect interpretation of the movement are beautiful femininity.

Omega defined in the years after 2010 for the female form, the new Omega Constellation Series Women drill watchs to innovation known to reproduce the classic design of the world, watch the special "button claw" design is the Omega Constellation series is the most appreciative of fashion characterization; into modern ingenuity of the dial design is the introduction of Arabic style texture to star as the central emblem flag spreads out, is absolutely unparalleled beauty star, as women are generally natural soft light.

New Omega Constellation Series Women drill watches (35mm) to increase the size characterization of surface beauty of the female character, carrying this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Omega 2500 movement coaxial escapement device technology for professional-hours Other women watch jewelry brands are dwarfed, inside and outside of the United States sufficient to perfect interpretation of the modern woman's beautiful and elegant bearing; new Omega Women Constellation Diamond Watch (31mm) to Omega 8521 movement made with brown dial with a Swiss official Observatory certification and "Si 14" silicon crystal gossamer material; another 2 small size of the watch section, paragraph (27mm) silver, shining white pearl shell surface of the Omega 1376 equipped with precision quartz movement. Silver, brown dial is decorated with star emblem logo as the center spread outward radiation texture, while the Constellation series of dolphin hours to create pointers are 18K rose gold and rhodium plated and luminous coating after treatment, respectively, elegant 18K rose gold strap and stainless steel and 18K rose gold color gold refining transfer of modern women bring different qualities elegance and wisdom.

Omega Constellation Series Women drill watchs (35mm), 18K rose gold case, diameter 35 mm, diamond bezel, hours, minutes, seconds, date, Omega 2500 automatic mixing two-way movement, patented coaxial escapement longitudinal system / mechanism, no card balance wheel hairspring degree, store power for 48 hours, the Swiss official certification Observatory movement, waterproof to 100 meters.

The new Constellation Series Women drill watches in terms of both appearance and internal demonstrates Omega watch 162 years of heritage and pioneering spirit, but also through the history of women between the charm and embraced the brand, a brand new unique design and innovation The new watches this year's Mother's Day wishes to bring the most fashionable.

Omega Constellation Series Women drill watches (27mm), 18K rose gold / stainless steel two-tone gold case, gold color mixing with a diameter of 35 mm, diamond bezel, hour, minute, Omega 1376 quartz movement, 32 months battery life, waterproof to 100 meters.

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