Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport Watches

Latest Watches News Report: Currently capable of independent development and production structure of the vertical gear manufacturers small, and because of technical limitations, this technology is only mastered in a few hands of several independent watch brands. Parmigiani launched in 2004 Bugatti Type 370, Bugatti in 2005, it introduced the concept of using see-through hood car - Bugatti Veyron 16B for the inspiration. Vertical axis of the watch design, including the five vertical arrangement of plywood, five plywood supported by a few metal stents, six splicing radian sapphire crystal glass case on one side of a huge barrel continue to provide for the watch more than 10 days of power reserve. Type 370 There are 5 different styles, mainly reflected in the different mix of the dial and strap.

In 2010, the Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport a super sports car as inspiration, create a Bugatti Super Sport watch, the display plane and perpendicular to combine the two, it is undoubtedly renowned on the Bugatti Type 370 models The new interpretation and promotion.

Design and production of a movement, the most important thing is to master the internal space. Movement too loose arrangement of the components will result in the size of the movement is too large; too dense arrangement of the parts, and often will affect the overall operating performance. Popular in the past era of small watchs, watchmaker to the movement of the gear system has been very tight, which is to best meet the needs of a small movement, but also to achieve the maximum balance available conditions. This is because, in a certain range, the greater the balance wheel done, the greater the swing inertia, resistance to the greater ability of outside interference, watch the more accurate travel time.

Use of space for movement, and now there are several brands began to solid direction. This is not to say that the original arrangement of gears and components designed to be more solid, more sense of space, but through the complete subversion of the traditional arrangement of gears and components, the level of the way, the use of the vertical arrangement of the form to display the time. The level of the traditional way of gear arrangement, the time of the revelation principle is: the power of the mainspring in the level of arrangement through a series of gears, the torque transfer out of the way to level through the deployment of escapement, conversion, will be regularly passed to the force level indicating system. Inevitably, the whole process to go through the vertical force conversion, that is, from the level of force into vertical force, and then finally shown in the form of horizontal forces. Although the conversion of force direction and gear can be easily connected to the shaft, but everywhere in the friction and other factors, the excess will always more or less passed some of the energy consumed.

Vertical gear system and all the rage in recent years there transmission structure. Designer watches and clocks, the traditional structure of the level of occlusion of the gear system arrangement into the form of occlusal vertical arrangement, display systems also began to show horizontal movement away from the traditional way, to the diversification direction. The vertical movement of the gear system arrangement which characteristic? First, large and small gear set up, you can watch a large extent, the mechanical structure to save the plane occupied area, can make the watch look "small" number. However, and this corresponds to, and watch a lot of the thickness will increase. Second, the vertical arrangement of the gear system, both ends of the gear shaft of each gear are, respectively, perpendicular to the main plywood attached to a small splint on, unlike the standard arrangement of the gear system, as all the gears are fixed in the same stability of the main plywood, so if you have used the same gear system and the level of gear, will inevitably lead to instability in operation. In order to achieve the ideal stability, the designer will do very thick gear, gear that increases the stability of occlusion and running. However, the thickness of the gear itself, increase, further exacerbating the burden of power system.

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